About us

We help childrens to grow to their full potential

We all need support through the most important period of our children.


Welcome to Srijan, a nurturing haven where young minds embark on a journey of exploration, creativity, and holistic learning. From the tender years of nursery to the pivotal middle school phase, Srijan is dedicated to providing a dynamic and enriching educational experience.


**The Srijan Difference** 

 Our approach revolves around the unique needs and interests of each child. We believe in harnessing their natural curiosity and providing opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.

: Our team of passionate educators are not just teachers, but mentors who are committed to cultivating a love for learning. They create a supportive environment where students feel encouraged to explore, question, and grow.

: Beyond academics, we focus on the holistic development of our students. Art, sports, music, drama, and community service are integral parts of our curriculum, ensuring a well-rounded education.

 Srijan is more than just a school; it’s a second home. We prioritize the safety and well-being of every child, providing a secure environment where they can thrive academically and emotionally.

Our Curriculum

Srijan’s curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity and foster a love for learning. It integrates the best practices in early childhood education with a progressive approach for middle school. We emphasize experiential learning, critical thinking, and practical application of knowledge.

Community Engagement

At Srijan, we believe in the power of community. Parents, teachers, and students collaborate to create a supportive network, ensuring the success and well-being of every child. We encourage open communication and value the unique perspectives each member brings.


Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to enhance the learning experience. From well-equipped classrooms to dedicated spaces for extracurricular activities, Srijan provides an environment that inspires creativity and growth.

Come, Be a Part of Srijan

We invite you to join us in this journey of nurturing young minds. Together, we can shape a future where every child is empowered to reach their full potential. Explore the world of Srijan and discover the difference in education.

*Unlocking Potential. Fostering Excellence. Nurturing Leaders.*

More than just a joyful place

"Learning is not like teaching here"